The flute is the smallest of the beginner instruments.  It is a very popular selection each year, but only a small portion of those wishing to play flute will be selected.

Physical Characteristics
Flute players should have a slight “frown” to the upper lip with NO tear drop shape in the middle.  Flute tones are produced by being able to focus an extremely small airstream to an exact location on the tone hole. The tear-drop-shaped lip will make it difficult to direct the air so precisely.  Flute players should also have agile fingers for moving this multi-keyed instrument through a fast musical passage.  Students with extreme overbites (receded jaw) should avoid choosing flute as this makes it difficult to produce quality sounds.

Other Considerations
Students with double-jointed fingers should avoid selecting flute as double-jointedness can cause lack of agility in the fingers.

Famous Players​ (Click name to listen to a performance.)