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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to know anything about music to join band?
Nope! Everything you need to know to play an instrument will be taught in your band class.  Any previous training in music you may have will be very helpful, but not necessary.

Can I still be in athletics, choir & other school groups?
YES. We encourage our band students to participate in athletics & other school activities. Many of our band students are very successful athletes, terrific singers, as well as ACADEMIC leaders of our school!

Who will be in band?
Your friends and fellow classmates will join you in what will be some of the most exciting and fun times of your school experience.  The more friends, the most fun!  With over 250 band students at North Richland Middle School, and still growing, the band is the largest single organization.  Many of our students are the school leaders and among the most successful students. 

What fun things will we do in band?
The best reward is learning to play an instrument and make music!  You will experience many parties, trips, concerts, contests & performances throughout the year!

Asthma?  Braces?  Is it possible?
ABSOLUTELY!  There are good instrument options for every student who wants to be in band.  We have many students that have braces and/or asthma.  Playing a wind instrument can actually be beneficial for those with asthma as it helps strengthen the lungs.

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