North Richland Beginner Band


As we start getting into the month of March we officially begin the process of introducing new musicians in our band program.  This is an important decision for you and your child.   Not only a decision about joining band, but also a decision which will determine, in part, who your child’s friends and associates will be for the next several years. Band is much more than a class to play an instrument.  It is the development of a family of friends that last a lifetime and establishment of some rather profound physical and mental influences.  These influences will determine much of your child’s success in all aspects of education, not just music. 

It is a fact that music students represent the top of the academic scale in our schools.  We know they are averaging 89 points higher on SAT exams.  We also know that Fine  Art students are many of ones who enjoy a very successful high school career academically as well as in athletics and other activities.  For parents of college-bound students, it is very important to consider the follows facts:   


  • Majority of admission directors consider class rank.  Band students tend to place very highly in class ranking and have a high percentage of earning Valedictorian and Salutatorian honors.  

  • Admission standards are heavily based on SAT score.  Band students consistently score in the highest percentiles on the SAT exam.       


  • Admission directors consider the participation of the student in band and other fine art classes.  60% of all college freshman drop out after the first year.  In contrast, 96% of past band students graduate earn diplomas from higher level institutions, many graduating with university honors. We reinforce the values of commitment and dedication daily. 


It is very important to take advantage of band class during the 6th-grade year.  If you wait until 7th, your child will be in a  class of students a year younger and will have a more difficult time catching up to their level.  We move very quickly here at North Richland, and you will be amazed at the level of musicianship at the end of the 6th-grade year.     


October 06, 2020

RHS Cluster Fall Rally

Optional Performance Opportunity. Due to BISD Band Fest being canceled for this year, we have organized a Cluster Performance at the FAAC. This performance is for Honors and Concert Band (7th/8th grade) students only, although beginners (6th grade) and their families are highly encouraged to attend this event as an audience member. We will offer extra credit to anyone that attends the performance or as an audience member. 

These procedures and policies are set by BISD to ensure student, family, and friend safety:

  • Masks required for all students and family/friend guest attendees

  • We encourage all people to bring their own hand sanitizers AND we will have sanitizer stations available, as well

  • Stadium seats will be marked to assist with guest attendees maintaining 6 feet apart

  • Stadium seat capacity is 980 people – families may sit together but must remain 6 feet away from other guests

  • No adults will be allowed on the turf at any point

  • When leaving, audience members will be released by section to assist with distance protocols, please wait for your section to be released before leaving the stands

  • Students will be released immediately at the conclusion of the event and will go directly to the parking lot to meet their guardians and go home

RAAB and school officials will be stationed at the gated entrance reminding and enforcing all attendees to wear masks.

Here is the schedule for this event. 

  • 5:30 pm - all Honors and Concert Band members arrive at the FAAC. 

    • Enter through the West side of the stadium (by the tennis courts). Look for an NRMS Band Director to help guide you when you arrive 

  • 6:00 pm - Rehearsal with RHS and North Ridge Begins 

    • All students will be spaced out appropriately on the football field. 

  • 7:00 pm -  Performance begins. 

  • 7:45 pm - Performance is over. 

    • Every student needs to have an adult in the audience so everyone can go home immediately after the performance. 

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