The oboe is similar in its appearance to a clarinet, but it is played using a “double reed” instead of a single reed and mouthpiece. Selection of oboe players is EXTREMELY limited. VERY few will actually be selected for oboe.

Physical Characteristics
Students with profound overbites or underbites would have EXTREME difficulties producing good sounds on the oboe since the embouchure (mouth position) requires equal pressure on both sides of the reed at the same placement.

Other Considerations
 Because the oboe is such a difficult instrument to master, only students with high academic performance records will be considered. Students with a history of disciplinary trouble will NOT be considered for oboe.


Students who choose (and are selected) to play oboe are REQUIRED to take weekly private lessons with the applied lesson teacher at North Richland Middle School. Private lessons cost $20.00 per week and scholarships are available based on financial need and demonstration of diligent work ethic. 

Famous Players​ (Click name to listen to a performance.)