Practice Logs

Practice Logs are similar to reading logs. Students will "log" or write down the number of minutes they practice each night onto their practice log. We recommend that students practice  20-30 minutes for at least 5 nights.a week. 

Practice logs are due every Monday in class. Logs require a parent signature each week. Logs that are not signed by parents will receive half credit. Students will keep logs in their band binder, and will receive a new one every new six weeks. 


A Parent's Guide to Successful Practicing

Topics on the website include:

What is the difference between Practicing, Playing, Rehearsing, and Performing?

The Practicing Environment

  • When should students practice?

  • What should a practice space look like?

  • What should the music look like?

  • What should you be hearing when your student is practicing?

  • How long and often should students practice?



  • Troubleshooting scenarios

  • Reinforcement


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